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The Linguasphere Register: Index of 02-AAA-b Kanembu

1 haddad 02-AAA-bb 02-AAA-bb
2 kanambu 02-AAA-ba 02-AAA-ba
3 kanembou 02-AAA-ba 02-AAA-ba
4 Kanembu 02-AAA-b 02-AAA-b
5 kanembu 02-AAA-ba 02-AAA-ba
6 kanembu-kanembu 02-AAA-ba 02-AAA-ba
7 karkawu 02-AAA-baa 02-AAA-baa
8 mando 02-AAA-bab 02-AAA-bab
9 nguri 02-AAA-bac 02-AAA-bac

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