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The Linguasphere Register: Index of 02-BAA-ac Kreda

1 iria 02-BAA-acd 02-BAA-acd
2 karda 02-BAA-ac 02-BAA-ac
3 karda 02-BAA-acb 02-BAA-acb
4 karra 02-BAA-ac 02-BAA-ac
5 kreda 02-BAA-ac 02-BAA-ac
6 kreda "proper" 02-BAA-acb 02-BAA-acb
7 ngalamiya 02-BAA-aca 02-BAA-aca
8 norea 02-BAA-acc 02-BAA-acc
9 yorda 02-BAA-aca 02-BAA-aca

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