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The Linguasphere Register: Index of 03-AD Beli

1 bahri-girinti 03-ADA-ab 03-ADA-ab
2 behli 03-ADA-a 03-ADA-a
3 beili 03-ADA-a 03-ADA-a
4 Beli 03-AD(A); 27-IB(A-a) 03-ADA
5 'beli 03-ADA-a 03-ADA-a
6 beli 03-ADA-a; 35-GAA-ba 03-ADA-a
7 Jur-Beli 03-ADA-a 03-ADA-a
8 sopi 03-ADA-ac; 25-AAB-ad 03-ADA-ac
9 supi 03-ADA-ac 03-ADA-ac
10 wulu 03-ADA-aa 03-ADA-aa

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