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The Linguasphere Register: Index of 03-BAA-da Dida + Dogo

1 dida+dogo 03-BAA-da 03-BAA-da
2 didi 03-BAA-daa 03-BAA-daa
3 dogo 03-BAA-dab 03-BAA-dab
4 dogo \ dida+ 03-BAA-da 03-BAA-da
5 kaliko-ma'di 03-BAA-da 03-BAA-da
6 keliko-madi 03-BAA-da 03-BAA-da
7 ma'di 03-ACC-aa; 03-BAA-da, -g…l; 93-AGA-aa 03-BAA-da
8 madi 03-BAA-da, -g…l; 04-BAA-bc(e); 46-DDC-aaa; 49-DAA-ac; 87-P 03-BAA-da
9 madi-NW. 03-BAA-da 03-BAA-da
10 ma'di-ti 03-BAA-da, -g…l 03-BAA-da
11 madi-ti 03-BAA-da, -g…l 03-BAA-da

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