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The Linguasphere Register: Index of 03-BAA-eb Andre-Leba-Ti

1 andre 03-BAA-eb 03-BAA-eb
2 andre-leba-N. 03-BAA-eba 03-BAA-eba
3 andre-leba-S. 03-BAA-ebb 03-BAA-ebb
4 andre-leba-ti 03-BAA-eb 03-BAA-eb
5 leba 03-BAA-eb 03-BAA-eb
6 logbara 03-BAA-eb, -f 03-BAA-eb
7 logbware 03-BAA-eb, -f 03-BAA-eb
8 lugbara-ti 03-BAA-eb, -f 03-BAA-eb
9 lugware 03-BAA-eb, -f 03-BAA-eb

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