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The Linguasphere Register: Index of 05-DAB-a Mararit

1 abiri 05-DAB-aa 05-DAB-aa
2 abiyi 05-DAB-aa 05-DAB-aa
3 abou-charib 05-DAB-ab 05-DAB-ab
4 abu-charib 05-DAB-ab 05-DAB-ab
5 abu-sharib 05-DAB-ab 05-DAB-ab
6 ebiri 05-DAB-aa 05-DAB-aa
7 Mararit 05-DAB(-a) 05-DAB-a
8 mararit "proper" 05-DAB-aa 05-DAB-aa
9 mareret 05-DAB-a 05-DAB-a
10 merarit 05-DAB-a 05-DAB-a

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