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The Linguasphere Register: Index of 05-EAA-ba Bokor-U-Ge

1 bokorge 05-EAA-ba 05-EAA-ba
2 bokorike 05-EAA-ba 05-EAA-ba
3 Bokoruge 05-EAA-b(a) 05-EAA-ba
4 daju-mongo 05-EAA-bab 05-EAA-bab
5 daju-sila 05-EAA-baa 05-EAA-baa
6 mongo-N. 05-EAA-bab; 99-AUI-jc 05-EAA-bab
7 silla 05-EAA-baa 05-EAA-baa
8 sula 05-EAA-baa 05-EAA-baa

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