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ID a Name b 09= KALAHARI geozone
ID a 09= index
Zone f pdf
Page g 78
LSType i zone
Grouping j geo
IsNotional k no
Notes l covers the Kalahari reference area (within the "wider Khoisan" hypothesis), composed of the "North-Khoisan" set 09-A plus the remaining sets within the "South-Khoisan" hypothesis; comprising 5 sets of languages (= 14 outer languages) spoken by hunter-gatherer communities in Southwestern Africa, in and around the Kalahari desert and Orange basin: 09-A XUNG+ Q'O-Q'XUNG 09-B C'WI+ NC'USAN 09-C NC'HU+ L'KUL'E 09-D L'XEGWI+ L'XOGWI 09-E C'XAM+ 'KATKOP'* Certain languages (indicated by a star *) and the final set of languages (09-E C'xam+ 'Katkop'*) are classified notionally, in the absence of adequate or consistent information The symbols used conventionally to transcribe consonantal clicks in many language-names within zones 08= and 09= are recorded in column 3, but these symbols have been converted to Latin alphabetic characters for the spelling and indexing of reference-names (all names in column 2, and bold names in column 3) as follows: p'=bilabial click ʘ c'=dental click / t'= dento-alveolar click ǁ q'=retroflex click ! l'=lateral click //.
Scale o 4
5 Sets • 7 Chains • 10 Nets • 14 OuterLanguages • 57 InnerLanguages • 10 Dialects • 4 ISO-639-Relatives
ISO-639 A ISO-639-5-Collective-khi Khoisan
GeoEntity C Angola | Botswana | Lesotho | Namibia | South Africa
5 Nodes assigned
1 09-A Xung + Q'o-Q'xung
2 09-B C'qwi + Nc'Usan
3 09-C Nc'Hu + L'Kul'E
4 09-D L'Xegwi + L'Xogwi
5 09-E C'xam + 'Katkop'

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