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ID a Name b 11-AAA-a "Coptic"
ID a 11-AAA-a index
Zone f pdf
Page g 84
LSName h 'Coptic'
LSType i outer language
IsNotional k no
Notes l "christian egyptian"; "copt" community, in [12=] 'Arabiyya: qobt # name from [56=] Helleniki: Aiguptos= «Egypt ➤ a late form of "ancient Egyptian", strongly influence < [56=] Helleniki; in general use until progressively submerged from 7th century by [12=] 'Arabiyya (Arabic); extinct as spoken language from c.16th century; written by Christians in Egypt (Coptic church, from c. 3rd century until modern times), successively in the "Akhimic" and the "Sahidic" ("Thebean") idioms, until submerged < "Bohayric Coptic" from 11th century 𝒮 Egyptian written from c.–3000 in Hieroglyphic script; from c.–1600 progressively supplemented and replaced by cursive Hieratic script; from c.–700 to +500 in Demotic script; written from c.200 in Coptic (Egyptian modified Greek) script
Script n Egyptian Hieroglyphic; Hieratic; Demotic; Coptic
Scale o 2*
1 InnerLanguage • 2 Dialects
GeoEntity C Egypt
1 Node assigned
1 11-AAA-aa "Bohairic-Coptic"

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