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ID a Name b 25= CENDRAWASIH geozone
ID a 25= index
Zone f pdf
Page g 175
LSType i zone
Grouping j geo
IsNotional k no
Notes l covers the "Cendrawasih" or "North Central New Guinea" reference area, composed of sets not covered by any phylozone or by the "Trans-New Guinea" hypothesis, within the wider reference area of the "Papuan" hypotheses; comprising 25 sets of languages (= 76 outer languages) spoken by communities in Australasia centered on Cendrawasih Bay & (Bird's Head) Peninsula, extending from the Halmahera Islands in the west to Central New Guinea in the east: 25-A TOBELO+ TERNATE 25-B MOI+KALABRA 25-C ABUN 25-D YACH+ BRAT 25-E MPUR 25-F BORAI+ HATAM 25-G MEAH+ MANTION 25-H AWERA+ SAPONI* 25-I YAWA+ TARAU 25-J TUNGGARE+ BAPU 25-K WAREMBORI 25-L PAUWI 25-M BURMESO 25-N MASSEP 25-O VANIMO+ WARAPU 25-P KWOMTARI+ FAS 25-Q BAIBAI+ NAI 25-R PYU 25-S YURI+ USARI 25-T YADE 25-U BUSA 25-V AMTO+ MUSAN 25-W AMA+ NIMO 25-X POROME+ KIBIRI 25-Y BIBASA*
Scale o 5
25 Sets • 35 Chains • 60 Nets • 76 OuterLanguages • 132 InnerLanguages • 2 Dialects
ISO-639 A ISO-639-5-Collective-paa Papuan
GeoEntity C Indonesia | Papua New Guinea
25 Nodes assigned
1 25-A Tobelo + Ternate
2 25-B Moi + Kalabra
3 25-C Abun
4 25-D Yach + Brat
5 25-E Mpur
6 25-F Borai + Hatam
7 25-G Meah + Mantion
8 25-H Awera + Saponi
9 25-I Yawa + Tarau
10 25-J Tunggare + Bapu
11 25-K Warembori
12 25-L Pauwi
13 25-M Burmeso
14 25-N Massep
15 25-O Vanimo + Warapu
16 25-P Kwomtari + Fas
17 25-Q Baibai + Nai
18 25-R Pyu
19 25-S Yuri + Usari
20 25-T Yade
21 25-U Busa
22 25-V Amto + Musan
23 25-W Ama + Nimo
24 25-X Porome + Kibiri
25 25-Y Bibasa

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