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ID a Name b 26= SEPIK-VALLEY geozone
ID a 26= index
Zone f pdf
Page g 182
LSType i zone
Grouping j geo
IsNotional k no
Notes l covers the "Sepik Valley" reference area, coterminous with the "Sepik+ Ramu" hypothesis (less the "Sepik+ Ramu Marginal" sets, see 27-A to 27-F), within the wider reference area of the "Papuan" hypotheses; comprising 22 sets of languages (= 96 outer languages) spoken by communities in Australasia, centered on the Sepik and Lower Ramu valleys in New Guinea: 26-A BIKSI 26-B ABAU+ IWAM 26-C NAMIA+ AWUN 26-D BOUYE+ KAMNUM 26-E KALOU+ MAYO 26-F KWANGA+ KWOMA 26-G YERAKAI 26-H AMBULAS+ IATMUL 26-I SANIO+ HEWA 26-J BISIS+ KAPRIMAN 26-K ALAMBLAK+ KANINGRA 26-L MARAMBA 26-M MEKMEK+ BIWAT 26-N MONGOL+ LANGAM 26-O ALFENDIO+ MEAKAMBUT 26-P BOTIN+ ABU 26-Q BANARO 26-R BOREI+ BOSNGUN 26-S KIRE+ MIKAREW 26-T IGOM+ MIDSIVINDI 26-U RAO 26-V ANOR+ AIOME
Scale o 5
22 Sets • 56 Chains • 74 Nets • 97 OuterLanguages • 141 InnerLanguages
ISO-639 A ISO-639-5-Collective-paa Papuan
GeoEntity C Papua New Guinea | Indonesia
22 Nodes assigned
1 26-A Biksi
2 26-B Abau + Iwam
3 26-C Namia + Awun
4 26-D Bouye + Kamnum
5 26-E Kalou + Mayo
6 26-F Kwanga + Kwoma
7 26-G Yerakai
8 26-H Ambulas + Iatmul
9 26-I Sanio + Hewa
10 26-J Bisis + Kapriman
11 26-K Alamblak + Kaningra
12 26-L Maramba
13 26-M Mekmek + Biwat
14 26-N Mongol + Langam
15 26-O Alfendio + Meakambut
16 26-P Botin + Abu
17 26-Q Banaro
18 26-R Borei + Bosngun
19 26-S Kire + Mikarew
20 26-T Igom + Midsivindi
21 26-U Rao
22 26-V Anor + Aiome

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