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ID a Name b 52-ABA-ci Talkin-Black
ID a 52-ABA-ci index
Zone f pdf
Page g 419
LSName h talkin-black
LSType i inner language
IsNotional k no
Notes l tawkin-blak, black-american english, afro-american, african-american english, ebonics ; influence < languages brought from Africa by forced immigrants, especially from within 9=Transafrican phylozone; transition < [52=] Caribbean Anglo-Creole and Northamerican General # black is used here as a linguistic term, since patterns of linguistic solidarity have been a response within communities exposed for more than 3 centuries to major social discrimination based only on the relative pigmentation of the human skin (involving forced deportation from Africa; deprivement of freedom, personal name, language, culture and all personal possessions; enslavement and forced labour in the Americas; and frequent denial of basic human rights until modern times) ⊕ including northward and westward migration within North America during 19th and 20th cent. from rural to urban areas
Scale o 7
8 Dialects
GeoEntity C United States | Canada
8 Nodes assigned
1 52-ABA-cia Black-Rural-SE.
2 52-ABA-cib Black-Urban-SE.
3 52-ABA-cic Black-Urban-E.
4 52-ABA-cid Black-Urban-NE.
5 52-ABA-cie Black-Urban-N.
6 52-ABA-cif Black-Urban-W.
7 52-ABA-cig Black-Canadian-Urban
8 52-ABA-cih Black-Canadian-Rural

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