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ID a Name b 52-ACB-ba Afrikaans + Kaaps
ID a 52-ACB-ba index
Zone f pdf
Page g 427
LSName h afrikaans + kaaps
LSType i inner language
IsNotional k no
Notes l obsolete 'plat-hollands', kaaps-hollands, "cape-dutch" ➤ a semi-creolised from of Dutch developed in the region of the Cape (of Good Hope) from 1652 ¶ associated with the arrival of mainly Nederlands-speaking settlers, but evolving as the idiom of a new mixed community (the so-called 'Coloured' community, including individuals with mixed African, European and/or Asian ancestry). Afrikaans-speaking settlers of European ancestry migrated further northeastwards (as far as Traansvaal) from the 1830's.
Scale o 6
6 Dialects
ISO-639 A ISO-639-1-Language-af Afrikaans
GeoEntity C South Africa | Namibia
6 Nodes assigned
1 52-ACB-baa Afrikaans-F.
2 52-ACB-bab Kaaps
3 52-ACB-bac Afrikaans-C.
4 52-ACB-bad Afrikaans-U.
5 52-ACB-bae Afrikaans-NW.
6 52-ACB-baf Namibia-Afrikaans

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