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ID a Name b 69= MESO-AMERICA geozone
ID a 69= index
Zone f pdf
Page g 512
LSType i zone
Grouping j geo
IsNotional k no
Notes l covers the "Meso-America" reference area; comprising 11 sets of languages (= 87 outer languages) spoken by communities in southern North America (Meso-America), from Michoacán to the Pacific-facing side of Honduras, Nicaragua and northern Costa Rica: 69-A OTOMÍ+ OJITLÁN 69-B MAYA+ CAKCHIQUEL 69-C TARASCO 69-D TOTONAC+ TEPEHUA 69-E CUITLATEC 69-F HUAMELULA+ TEQUISTLATEC 69-G HUAVE 69-H MIXE+ ZOQUE 69-I XINCA 69-J LENCA 69-K TOL The first set in this geozone (69-A) comprises the complex "Oto-Manguean" set of languages, spoken by communities located from Mexico to Costa Rica, and the second set (69-B) covers the "Mayan" languages, spoken or formerly spoken by communities in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and associated with development of the traditional Mayan hieroglyphic script.
Scale o 6
11 Sets • 24 Chains • 39 Nets • 88 OuterLanguages • 296 InnerLanguages • 220 Dialects • 220 ISO-639-Relatives
ISO-639 A ISO-639-5-Collective-cai Central American Indian
GeoEntity C Mexico | Belize | Guatemala | El Salvador | Honduras | Nicaragua
11 Nodes assigned
1 69-A Otomí + Ojitlán
2 69-B Maya + Cakchiquel
3 69-C Tarasco
4 69-D Totonac + Tepehua
5 69-E Cuitlatec
6 69-F Huamelula + Tequistlatec
7 69-G Huave
8 69-H Mixe + Zoque
9 69-I Xinca
10 69-J Lenca
11 69-K Tol

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