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ID a Name b 98= BENUIC phylozone
ID a 98= index
Zone f pdf
Page g 670
LSType i zone
Grouping j phylo
IsNotional k no
Notes l covers the "Benue+East Kwa" reference area (the north-western section of "old Benue-Congo", plus the eastern section of "old Kwa") within the "Volta-Congo" affinity, within the wider "Transafrican" continental affinity; comprising 11 sets of languages (= 209 outer languages) spoken by communities in eastern West Africa, centered on the lower Niger+ Benue basin, between the Togo Highlands and Cameroon Highlands: 98-A YORUBA+ IGALA 98-B NUPE+ EBIRA 98-C IDOMA+ ETULO 98-D UKAAN+ AKUNNU* 98-E OGORI+ OSAYEN 98-F EDO+ OKPAMHERI 98-G IGBO+ EKPEYE 98-H AGWARA+ EZELLE 98-I HYAM+ TAROK 98-J IBIBIO+ BEKWARRA 98-K JUNAARE+ DAKA A continuum of relationships among languages covered by phylozones 98=Benuic and 99=Bantuic passes through the transitional languages of the [98=] Junaare+ Tagbo (Mambila+ Samba-Daka) chain.
Scale o 7
11 Sets • 25 Chains • 78 Nets • 209 OuterLanguages • 535 InnerLanguages • 223 Dialects • 6 ISO-639-Relatives
GeoEntity C Cameroon | Nigeria | Togo
11 Nodes assigned
1 98-A Yoruba + Igala
2 98-B Nupe + Ebira
3 98-C Idoma + Etulo
4 98-D Ukaan + Akunnu
5 98-E Ogori + Osayen
6 98-F Edo + Okpamheri
7 98-G Igbo + Ekpeye
8 98-H Agwara + Ezelle
9 98-I Hyam + Tarok
10 98-J Ibibio + Bekwarra
11 98-K Junaare + Daka

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