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ID a Name b 27= BISMARCK-SEA geozone
ID a 27= index
Zone f pdf
Page g 190
LSType i zone
Grouping j geo
IsNotional k no
Notes l covers the "East New-Guinea+ Solomons" reference area, within the wider reference area of the "Papuan" hypotheses; comprising 26 sets of languages (101 outer languages) spoken by communities in Australasia, centered on the Bismarck Sea and Archipelago, extending from Eastern New Guinea through New Britain, New Ireland and the North Solomon islands (all part of Papua New Guinea) to the Solomon Islands: 27-A PAPI+ SUARMIN 27-B WALIO+ PEI 27-C YABIO+ TUWARI 27-D ANGORAM+ CHAMBRI 27-E MURIK+ KOPAR 27-F GAPUN 27-G AUNALEI+ SETA 27-H YIS+ MITANG 27-I BELI+ ARINUA 27-J KOMBIO+ MUHIANG 27-K URIM 27-L MANDI+ BUNA 27-M MONUMBO+ LILAU 27-N ANEM 27-O WASI 27-P KOL+ SUI 27-Q SULKA 27-R SIMBALI+ MALI 27-S TAULIL+ BUTAM 27-T KUOT 27-U KUNUA+ EIVO 27-V BUIN+ NASIOI 27-W YELE 27-X BILUA+ SAVO 27-Y KAZUKURU 27-Z AYIWO+ NEA
Scale o 4
26 Sets • 50 Chains • 85 Nets • 101 OuterLanguages • 165 InnerLanguages
ISO-639 A ISO-639-5-Collective-paa Papuan
GeoEntity C Papua New Guinea | Solomon Islands
26 Nodes assigned
1 27-A Papi + Suarmin
2 27-B Walio + Pei
3 27-C Yabio + Tuwari
4 27-D Angoram + Chambri
5 27-E Murik + Kopar
6 27-F Gapun
7 27-G Aunalei + Seta
8 27-H Yis+Mitang
9 27-I Beli + Arinua
10 27-J Kombio + Muhiang
11 27-K Urim
12 27-L Mandi + Buna
13 27-M Monumbo + Lilau
14 27-N Anem
15 27-O Wasi
16 27-P Kol+Sui
17 27-Q Sulka
18 27-R Simbali + Mali
19 27-S Taulil + Butam
20 27-T Kuot
21 27-U Kunua + Eivo
22 27-V Buin + Nasioi
23 27-W Yele
24 27-X Bilua + Savo
25 27-Y Kazukuru
26 27-Z Ayiwo + Nea

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