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ID a Name b 79-AAA-b Pu-Tong-Hua
ID a 79-AAA-b index
Zone f pdf
Page g 557
LSName h Pu-tong-hua
LSType i outer language
IsNotional k no
Notes l Mainstream-Chinese, han-yu-N., pei, bei, bai, "wider" mandarin, "chinese"-N. # putong-hua, potin-hua, p'u-t'ung-hua =«commonly understood language». This term has become established in 20th century communist China to describe the official northern Chinese language (hitherto known in English as Mandarin) which is the national language of education and administration in China. The term Putonghua is applied here in a wider sense to describe the northern Chinese language in general, i.e Northern Han-yu (replacing the wider use in English of the term Mandarin)
Scale o 9
13 InnerLanguages • 92 Dialects • 1 ISO-639-Relative
ISO-639 A ISO-639-1-Macrolanguage-zh Chinese | ISO-639-3-Language-cmn Mandarin Chinese
GeoEntity C China | Singapore | Malaysia | Democratic People’s Republic of Korea | Republic of Korea | Indonesia | Guam | Australia | Brazil | Paraguay
13 Nodes assigned
1 79-AAA-ba Guan-Hua
2 79-AAA-bb Bei-Jing-Hua
3 79-AAA-bc Dong-Bei-Hua
4 79-AAA-bd Jiao-Liao-Hua
5 79-AAA-be Ji-Lu-Hua
6 79-AAA-bf Zhong-Yuan-Hua
7 79-AAA-bg Lan-Yin-Hua
8 79-AAA-bh Xinan-Guan-Hua
9 79-AAA-bi Jiang-Huai
10 79-AAA-bj Nanping-Hua
11 79-AAA-bk Jun-Hua
12 79-AAA-bl Hui-Zu
13 79-AAA-bm "Judeo-Mandarin"

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